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Saving Money Through Smart Things

Smart devices are really making things better. It can impact your life and even your wallet! I’ll give you some suggestions here, and you can feel free to add more in the comments.

Are you forgetful? I know I can be. If you’ve got smart lighting, though, you can turn your lights or other appliances off from anywhere using an app! They can also be programmed to turn off at certain times, or even be connected to a weather station so that they can go on at dusk and go off again at daybreak. It is a great way to reduce your electric bill and help you save some money by not powering lights or other things that you are not using.

Smart thermostats are another amazing thing to help curb your energy use. Most smart thermostats have features like timers and scheduling so you can set your house to be warmer when you are not home in the summer or cooler at night in the winter when you’re snuggling under blankets in bed. Some will even “learn” your schedule and how you like the settings, and then automatically adjust to your preferences. Others have a powersaving mode – for example, some can be connected to the power company (they will even install them for free) and when there are high-demand power days, they can adjust your energy consumption to help you save money. That’s money in your pocket and you don’t even have to do anything!

There are also lots of smart apps out there that will help you do things better and smarter. There are budgeting apps that will help you organize your finances and show you what you’re spending money on so that you can make any changes you think are necessary. There are apps that will remind you when your bills are due so that you never miss a payment. There are other apps out there that will find you digital coupons for things you buy, offer you discounts on places you shop, and others will give you money back when you buy things like gas. It might be only a little bit but it can really add up! I have an app on my phone that keeps track of where I am and will ask me surveys based on the places I go – then it pays me for answering those questions!

Insurance companies have even gotten into the smart thing game! Some car insurance companies will provide you with a little devices that you attach to the computer of your car that will keep track of your driving. It can help you to drive better, or it can also lower your insurance rates if you’re a good driver. It is also a way to show how much you actually drive, which could also reduce your rates. Health insurance companies can also use the information from your fitness tracker as a better way to assess your fitness, possibly lowering your insurance rates as well.

What are your best suggestions to save money through the use of something smart?