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Not Your Average Water Heater

We are all concerned about the environment these days. You would never admit it otherwise. Being green is a badge of honor. As for me, I am all about technology helping the planet and we have come a long way for sure. Just think about it. Giant computers used to take up a whole room and require multiple users, including key punch operators. What! Yes, you had to make cards to feed into the machine for it to compute. Telephones were attached to walls with cords. Now we can keep tiny phones in our pockets that are as powerful as computers. But by far, the best inventions are smart devices that improve our lives by making things easier and giving us more control over the environment.

There is a lot to learn about artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and smart living. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m going to tell you all about different smart devices, their capabilities, and what we can do with them. Today I am investigating a standard appliance we all have, probably in the closet or basement: the ubiquitous water heater. We can manage the temperature of the water digitally for the perfect shower. We can save energy and therefore accept our rightful role in the green movement. And with the newest water heaters, we can even do it all by cell phone. Amazing software has been developed for the “smart home.” And it is going to get better!

What is special about the new devices is that they are tankless. This means they are easy to install, take less space and operate by computer. They are marvels of engineering, super practical, cost efficient and worth every bit of hype. So now you know that modern technology impacts your life in ways you never knew. You thought it was all about skyping and taking videos with your phone. Studies show, however, that water usage in the average home is a major environmental and economic issue. No wonder so much effort has gone into water heater innovation. The original model worked well for a century but has gone the way of Kodak film and main frames.

When considering replacing your old unit with a tankless version, you will have to buy a size that suits your family’s needs and budget. There are many from which to choose at different price points. They are not your average water heater. I can attest to this as I have one. I saw my electric bill go down and my gas usage is nonexistent. I love the computerization, digital buff that I am! This is a device for the 21st century, if not the 22nd. Yes, I imagine that it will still be around that long. I try to envision something different and I draw a blank. How can you improve on this rather small and super modern mandatory appliance?