4 Healthy Habits to Prevent Toenail Fungus

If you have ever experienced a fungal infection in your feet, you may wonder how to prevent it. Regularly visiting a foot care clinic near me is the best option to treat this condition. However, with simple steps, you can prevent foot fungus. A podiatrist recommends that you follow a few tips to protect your feet from fungal infections. Changing socks and shoes frequently will help keep your feet clean and dry.

Change your shoes regularly:

Keeping your shoes clean is a crucial way to avoid fungus. The fungus lives in warm, moist places, including your shoes and showers. It is also easy to spread a fungus infection when you share shoes or towels with someone who has it. This is why it is essential to switch up your footwear as often as possible and always keep your socks dry.

Wear protective footwear:

While you are exercising, avoid wearing tight shoes. These shoes can harbor fungi. Fungus infection can occur while exercising or walking in a public pool or gym. So, make sure to wear protective shoes and socks. You should also avoid wearing shoes for long hours and take off your socks when you return home. You can protect your feet from this nasty condition by following these tips.

Protect your feet from public spaces:

Showers, locker rooms, and swimming pools are familiar places where fungus flourish. It is vital to wear dry, clean socks and footwear in these locations. Moreover, it is advisable to wash your feet every day and avoid sharing towels with people who have the same fungal infection as you. It is much safer to wear flip-flops or sandals when going outside barefoot.

Wear breathable footwear:

Choose leather and canvas shoes that are breathable. You can also wear barefoot indoors, but it is safer to be barefoot in the summertime. While wearing shoes, make sure they are dry to avoid fungal infection. This will help you avoid the spread of fungi. It is also essential to wear protective footwear. When in doubt, opt for waterproof, breathable sneakers or sandals. If a breathable shoe is not an option, you can wear waterproof boots. With these simple tips, you can protect your feet from fungal infections.

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